Nina Nesheva Pottery – Cup


Cup in the traditional Sgrattifo pottery style from the 10th century in Bulgaria.  Each cup is handmade by Ms. Nina Nesheva in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.  Cup is approximately 9 cm / 3.54 ” in diameter.  Various motifs available.

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Considered the foremost expert in Bulgarian pottery making, Ms. Nesheva has been granted a unique opportunity to recreate pottery styles from the great Bulgarian Kingdom of the 10th century. At this time the Bulgarian Kingdom rose to power and at one point rivaled Byzantium itself. Ms. Nesheva takes authentic pottery shards from archaeological excavations and pieces them back together to see what pottery from that era actually looked like. She then recreates the traditional pottery style onto new usable pottery. Each piece takes two months to create! Motifs can range from the traditional bird representing the Bulgarian kings, to stunning colored traditional paisley patterns.


Oval/Weave, Traditional, Feather, Weave